Mr Benny Yang

PhD candidate

Deakin University, Queenscliff Campus, 2A Bellarine Hwy, Queenscliff VIC 3225


Benny’s PhD project identifies potential ingredients and their optimal inclusion to achieve energetic fortification of Atlantic salmon aquafeed.

The objective of this PhD program is to investigate nutritional intervention mechanisms to increase lipid accumulation in adipose tissue by using targeted dietary micronutrient and lipid sources to facilitate energy fortification of Atlantic salmon during the pre-summer period, providing surplus energy for metabolic use during the warm summer period.

Biochemical and molecular analysis will be conducted to better understand the lipid and fatty acid metabolism behind the mechanisms of nutritional intervention. The outcome is to fortify the diet and produce large fish that can successfully thrive over summer and fulfill their energy requirement for the increasing metabolic activity without any detrimental effect on their health and product quality.

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