Ms Chethana Tissera

Ms Chethana Tissera

PhD candidate

Deakin University, Queenscliff Campus, 2A Bellarine Hwy, Queenscliff VIC 3225


Refining sustainable nutritional strategies for Australian hybrid abalone (Haliotis rubra × Haliotis laevigata)
Chethana’s PhD project aims to refine the nutritional strategies of Australian hybrid abalone.

This project will examine the preference, digestibility, and the influence of additional supplementary raw materials, mainly bioactive compounds on the growth and metabolism of Australian hybrid abalone. This will enable finding sustainable ingredient compositions for producing improved feeds that promote optimal growth in abalone.
Chethana will further investigate how these supplementary ingredients affect the gut microbiome and the hepatopancreatic activity of the abalone, and this will provide further insights in relation to how abalone respond to bioactive compounds in a nutritional perspective.

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