About Us

NuSea.Lab (The Nutrition and Seafood Laboratory, Deakin University)
At NuSea.Lab, we focus on the development of innovative concepts, approaches and solutions for the nutrition science and seafood sectors.

We are a major provider of applied aquaculture research and are involved in significant collaborative research programs both nationally and internationally. With over 20 years of targeted research development experience, our members have established reputations in academic, government and industry circles, and are recognised globally for their contributions to aquaculture sustainability.

The provision of aquaculture feeds (aquafeed) is considered to be one of the highest recurring costs in aquaculture production. However, aquafeed is fundamental in determining the health and performance of an aquaculture species, the quality of the final product, and the potential nutrient impacts of aquaculture on the surrounding environment. Tailored aquaculture nutrition is therefore vital for achieving the sustainable and profitable production of healthy seafood and it is at the core of the research activities at NuSea.Lab, Deakin University, Australia.


Our strong expertise in fish nutrition, physiology, health and genetics, coupled with unrivalled commercial-scale aquaculture research infrastructure, offer a unique combination for the provision of cutting-edge research to meet the needs of the Australian aquaculture sector.

Deakin Aquaculture Futures is a state-of-the-art recirculating aquaculture facility equipped with a range of experimental systems that permit small-scale experimental work with sensitive life stages, all the way up to commercial-scale aquaculture research.

Deakin Aquaculture Futures provides the NuSea.Lab team with a reliable supply of high quality, filtered water and the capability to control a range of environmental parameters, including temperature, salinity and light intensity. All experimental systems receive round-the-clock monitoring to guarantee the successful completion of research activities and ensure the ethical welfare of all organisms.

  • Experts in...
    • Aquafeed ingredient substitution (fish oil and fishmeal replacement);
    • Omega-3 fatty acid and fatty acid metabolism;
    • Full-cycle feeding and grow-out studies;
    • Novel feed ingredients and innovative aquafeed formulation;
    • Product quality and sensory analysis;
    • Seafood quality and traceability.
  • Leading the way...
    • Closed loop, biosecure, commercial scale
      marine recirculating aquaculture systems;
    • Fully equipped feed, analytical and mobile fieldwork laboratories
    • Multidisciplinary expert working groups for tailored research requirements;
    • Professionalism, confidentiality and a strong commitment
      to quality and timely delivery.