Cracking the code on Macquarie perch captive breeding

(Macquaria australasica)

NuSea.Lab is developing nutritional solutions to support the captive breeding of endangered native Australian freshwater fish, Macquarie perch as part of a $3M research project funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) and led by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA).  

Macquarie perch is under threat of extinction due to various environmental factors including bush fires, habitat loss, stream barriers and river regulations, cold-water discharges, disease, climate change and exotic and invasive species. Amongst various interventions to re-establish their wild population, aquaculture production and stocking of Macquarie perch is seen as critical interventional method for the re-establishment of the Macquarie perch wild population and the associated recreational fisheries. Currently, knowledge gaps in broodstock and larval nutrition are seen as major impediments to captive breeding and restocking efforts. NuSea.Lab is proud to be contributing to safeguarding wild Macquarie perch populations for future generations.

Macquarie perch
Collaboration between NuSea.Lab, FRDC, VFA, University of Sunshine Coast, NSW Fisheries